Cardigans are perfect all year long and come in all sorts of weights and colors. They can be thrown over a dress or even layered up when the weather starts to get chilly. Here I am going to show you how you can put your cardigans to use more than once and aren't just left in your closet awaiting to be worn. 

To see 3 ways to put your cardigan to use, scroll down!

LOOK #1 | JUST ANOTHER WORK DAY: We all know that some days we dress up more for work then others. Whether it is cause you are feeling under the weather or just can't find anything to wear. This is where the cardigan steps in, it can give your simple pair of jeans, boots and whit shirt that extra wow factor. And adding a garment with some color can help brighten up your day and outfit as well.

LOOK #2 | SOAKING IN THE SUN:  Here in Southern California even during Fall it is sunny and temperatures can hit the mid 80's. That is why rompers can still be worn without a worry! But if the weather happened to suddenly change and it were to start getting a bit windy lets say, the cardigan is the perfect solution. It is not bulk and thick and still allows for your romper to shine through.

LOOK #3 | AN AUTUMN'S DAY OUT:  For those cold autumn nights cardigan can still be worn and you can be kept warm. The key is layering! Here I pair a pair of comfy jeans with a basic t-shirt then topped it off with the cardigan, a jean jacket and scarf on top. This still allows for the cardigan to shine through but you get the extra warmth due to the layers stacked on top of it. This is perfect for those nights were you have somewhere to go but don't want to put much time into deciding what to wear.

There you have it 3 ways you can style the cardigan that has been hidden in your closet for months. You don't have to go out and buy a mustard cardigan to get these looks, any color cardigan will be great!

***All outfit photos are courtesy of Christy Rodriguez.***

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