From throw-on robe to layering necessity, the sleeveless duster holds a special place in the hearts of many fashion fanatics. Wear it in the summer sleeveless, or throw on as many layers as you want in the fall- it's a stylish piece that may prove itself to be a timeless wardrobe addition. 

Read on to see how I styled this sleeveless duster in moss- three different ways!

LOOK #1 | AS A JACKET: Throw your duster on over any outfit of your choice, accessorize (or not) and there you have it. For this particular outfit, I opted for a casual, eating-out-on-melrose look. One that screams: "I'm taking my vanilla latte to go- gotta run!" or "Hold my coffee- I've got a press preview to attend!" Any excuse to get that duster flying for the perfect sweeping exit.  


LOOK #2 | WITH A MAXI DRESS:   Match the length of the duster to the length of  a maxi dress or skirt to create an illusion of billowing height and elegance. Below, I paired my duster with a black maxi skirt and top. By choosing to keep my outfit monochrome underneath, the duster effectively draws the eyes vertically, creating the illusion of height. 

LOOK #3 | LAYER IT UP:  Dusters are the ultimate layering device! Below, I layered it under a jacket for a chilly yet sunny day out. (Southern California much?) Play with different lengths and textures for a look that best suits your taste.


In order to maximize the cost-per-wear for your duster, TRIFECTA recommends purchasing one in neutral, natural tones in order to better pair it with as many outfits as possible. (Think white, black, tan, moss, blue, gray) Stay tuned for the next styling challenge by keeping up with us on social media, or contact us directly for some styling advice!
***All outfit photos are courtesy of Cindy Chou. All shopping images are via shopstyle.com.***

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