TRIFECTA is a team of three students brought together for one purpose: to show fellow college students how to maximize their wardrobe budget by styling one garment three ways (or more!) in order to decrease the cost-per-wear and increase bank account happiness. We pride ourselves in using original photos, weekly posts, and social media presence.

   Stylists Cindy, Christy, Savanah, and Aly will be releasing weekly blog posts featuring a garment of their choice, styled in three different ways. So whether you're a college student in need of saving money where it can be saved, or someone who can't figure out how else to wear that one garment you love, you'll be sure to be a TRIFECTA fan. 

     In fact, we even offer personal styling! Simply reach out to us with a question, suggestions, or comments on social media or e-mail and let us know what you want to see in our next post! 

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